I’m not much of a hiker (I may have mentioned this before), but I don’t mind walking, especially if it has an amazing view of the sea.

Unfortunately it’s still winter down under and as much as I’d like to walk barefoot on the sand and dip my toes in the water, it’s too cold for that.

I’ve been looking at the Google Maps of Adelaide and I notice how the beaches seem to connect all the way from Glenelg Beach to Brighton Beach and onward to the Marion Coastal Walk.

So I put one foot in front of the other and just walked.

I actually started from Glenelg North (because I had work that morning), and I passed by the marina with all its boats boats boats.

Then Glenelg Beach, with its heart, jetty and lovely view.

The beach is so pristine, littered only with sea shells and sea weed.

Then onward to Glenelg South, where I walked on the Esplanade, because the high tide got my shoes wet. But it was also fun looking at rich people’s houses and seeing if any are on sale or available for rent. Can you imagine living in a house here and waking up to this view every day?

Then Somerton Park, where there are stairs that leads down to the beach. But since it’s high tide, the waves come all the way to the bottom of the steps.

Then the start of Brighton, where there are sculptures along the way as part of the Brighton Jetty Sculptures Event.

I eventually made my way to Brighton Beach and its jetty.

The beach was a very long stretch and I decided to keep walking to Marino Rocks, where I started my Marion Coastal Walk before.

I walked longer and farther than I expected.

If you are up to it, continue onto Marion Coastal Walk. It’s also so beautiful. But warning, it’s almost all stairs and uphills and downhills.

This walk also took me a while, luckily I have water and snacks and there were plenty of benches along the way to rest.

Next time, I’ll try walking north and see where that leads me.

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