Because Hogwarts is obviously in the UK (I’d like to think it’s somewhere in Scotland, because the well there’s that train, and the Highlands is such a beautiful and magical place). I’ve also been to places that scenes of Harry Potter was shot in, like Oxford and of course different parts of London, including the iconic Platform 9 and 3/4 (I also went on a Harry Potter Walking Tour in London).

But this post is about the Warner Bros. Studios Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter in Leavesden, which I went as part of a school trip.

If you are planning to go on your own, be sure to buy tickets in advance since it’s quite popular, then you can take a train to Watford Junction and take a shuttle bus from the station.


Things You Can See at The Making of Harry Potter

1. Sets

Some of the sets are also animated and they are great for photos.

The Great Hall

Of course we first enter through the Great Hall, where they have different costumes displayed.


House Slytherin, anyone? I am.


It is after all a set, so the Great Hall doesn’t actually have a proper ceiling, instead there are separate models of it.

Diagon Alley

Unfortunately, you can’t actually buy anything from the shops. Actually, you can’t even enter the shops, because it’s a set.

Privet Drive

It’s interesting how the brick walls are actually made with fiber glass.

Hogwarts Express

Including Platform 9 and 3/4, but the friend my friend took of me was blurry.  You also can’t ride this train.


But at least, my little blue friend did.

Knight Bus

I loved it because it’s purple and also my dream house (Tiny House schoolie conversion, please).

Also funny story, the voice actor of the Shrunken Head is actually Lenny Henry, who is the chancellor of my university and he made my graduation ceremony so fun.


Other Transportation

Some you can even ride on and take pictures with.



This Hogwarts is also just a model and not an amusement park ride.

It’s also interesting to see how they use Forced Perspective for some of Hagrid’s scenes.



Scary Places

They also had the Forbidden Forest complete with giant spiders (I forgot to take pictures though).




2. Costumes

You will see costumes scattered around the studio.



Including the Sorting Hat (from the shop), which confirms that I am a Slytherin.


3. Props

Wands (lots of it)

You can also buy one, like an actual plastic wand or a chocolate version (my friend bought one), at the shop.


And creatures (some are even animated and a bit creepy)


4. Food and Shops

Butterbeer is a must try for the sake of trying it, but honestly, it’s just alright.

Also since we spent the whole day (there’s a timed entry, but they don’t limit how long you can stay inside), we needed lunch, which they do serve at amusement park prices and quality.

Like I mentioned before, my friend bought a chocolate wand, while I bought a Chocolate Frog and also some Peppermint Toads, which were surprisingly good.

You can also buy your own Hogwarts scarf and one of the adorable creatures.


And that’s it!

While our friend, Michelle Co, went to Universal Studios in Orlando Florida and visited their Hogwarts and made a vlog about it, check it out!


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