When studying abroad, sometimes you are given the opportunity to do work placements (its like an internship, but not paid) and that’s great for experience.

And that is how I ended up in Guildford, for a week of work placement at one of the best game companies in the UK- Media Molecule, who are behind games like Little Big Planet and their latest game, Dreams.

How did I end up going there?

Easy, I emailed them.

Some tips on How to get a Work Placement:

  1. Boost your application with projects (school or hobby) and volunteer experiences.
  2. Harp your achievements, this is no time to be humble.
  3. Even if companies aren’t advertising a position, there is no harm in sending a speculative email, be assertive, but not aggressive.
  4. Wayne Gertzy says, “You miss 100% of shots you don’t take.” So send out your CV everywhere (also write a custom cover letter for each one, do your research) like Harry Potter with the Hogwarts letters, but to like different companies instead of just one.

Want to see my CV?

I have a website: http://purplelilgirl.com/.

I’m not saying you should get one. But it’s a good opportunity for you to showcase your works and your CV. You can also blog about your work process and companies and professors would like that.

How was it?

It was one of the best and most inspirational work experiences I’ve ever had and I am so grateful.


Okay, now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk Guildford.


Guildford is also one of those quaint places. Usually UK places have a city center, and that’s where you have all the shops and pedestrian streets. It’s really nice to just walk around.



And I’ve probably mentioned before, UK doesn’t have a shortage on Castles. So Guildford has one too.


I stayed at an Airbnb (book using my link, so I can earn some $$?), which was quite pleasant and a much better experience than another classmate of mine who stayed a triple bunk bed hostel in London during his work placement.

What else should I have done in Guildford?


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