So I have to admit I had a little hard time coming up with a place that starts with F for the series. While L will always be London, but London is so big, I decided to separate the different spots, and thus I came up with F for Fenchurch, which is an iconic building more commonly known as the Walkie Talkie (because it looks like it).

On top of 20 Fenchurch is a Sky Garden, which is probably the highest public garden in London. It also has a couple of restaurants and bars (they aren’t the highest restaurant though, that goes to Duck and Waffle). It also gets you one of the best views of London.

So going up to the Sky Garden is free. Let me repeat, it’s FREE. But you do need to make a reservation way way ahead of time. Book here.

But obviously, I don’t plan in advance.

The reason why I was in London is because my friend was flying in for a job interview (also another great way to travel). And I talked her into having a fancy brunch with me at the Fenchurch Restaurant (she paid, coz I’m a poor student).

The fancy brunch was good, the service was great and the view is superb.

Okay, now the view that I’ve been harping about (weather isn’t as great though).


You can see the Barbican:

The Shard:

The Cheese Grater and the Gherkin (and yes, London skyscrapers have funny nicknames):

Wembley Stadium:

And the Thames:

I highly recommend it.

What else should we do in London?


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