When moving to a new country to study, you might have a lot of luggage.

Better be prepared, right? I’ve brought a rice cooker, an electric kettle, a hair dryer, a pan, a duvet, two pillows, beddings… I was sooo prepared.

The only reason why I was able to fit all those in my luggage space, is I didn’t. I had luggage mules in the form of my friend’s family visiting her for her graduation from Cambridge (my friend is really smart).

According to Ruth:

Luggage Mule (noun)

Someone who helps you bring your stuff somewhere.

So the first place I ever visited in the UK is C for… Cambridge (to pick up all my stuff, you know).

My friend toured me around and she did her job and gave a commentary about the different spots (but tbh I forgot most of what she said, but I took pictures with my little blue friend).


I remember she told me about the Mathematical Bridge, and how it’s story is just made up by some tour guide. According to Wikipedia:

A popular fable is that the bridge was designed and built by Sir Isaac Newton without the use of nuts or bolts. Various stories relate how at some point in the past either students or fellows of the University attempted to take the bridge apart and put it back together, but were unable to work out how to hold the structure together, and were obliged to resort to adding nuts and bolts.

I also remember that Stephen Hawking movie and it was kind of nice seeing it in real life. It’s also great to visit the universities, even if I’m not brave enough to apply or smart enough to get in.

We also had fish and chips and cider at a pub called The Eagle, where other smart people used to hang out. Like according to good friend Wikipedia, where James Watson had “discovered the secret of life” after they had come up with their proposal for the structure of DNA.

Per usual UK weather, it was gloomy and raining, so we didn’t go punting. But I hear it’s the thing to do.

What else should I have done in Cambridge?

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