While studying abroad in Birmingham, UK, I also attended quite a few events that were related to my industry, which was video games, and they just happen to be in other places (again, great excuse to travel).

So for my UK from A to Z series, B is for Brighton, which I actually been to twice. Once with my flatmates, and the second time with Ruth (she takes better photos), while I attended the Develop conference.

Since this post will be a combination of 2 trips, instead of a diary style, I’ll list the places I visited in Brighton.

Places to Visit in Brighton

1. British Airways i360

I chose to start with this one, because… check out the view! That’s Brighton.

Also you can see it from afar, it’s this donut on a stick. Like, at least the London Eye and Melbourne Star looks like a Ferris Wheel, this one, British Airways i360 is a shiny donut that goes up and down and stick, but it does give you an awesome view of Brighton.

Also the mandatory selfie that I even used as my Instagram profile picture.


2. Royal Pavilion

As Ruth and I joked, welcome to my house.


According to our friend, Wikipedia:

The Royal Pavilion, also known as the Brighton Pavilion, is a Grade I listed former royal residence located in Brighton, England. Beginning in 1787, it was built in three stages as a seaside retreat for George, Prince of Wales, who became the Prince Regent in 1811.


We think it’s… um… it’s what a white person thought an Asian building should look like, so the outside looks like something from India.

But the interiors… we described it as a Chinese living room, albeit a very fancy one (unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside). Think Crazy Rich Asian.

But we were allowed to take a selfie in the tea room.

There was a temporary Jane Austen exhibit inside where we were able to try on some Regency clothes (but ended up looking like Mary Little Lamb). Also apparently Brighton is one of those places, where Jane Austen vacations.


3. Brighton Pier

The Brighton Pier, next to the beach, has arcade games and amusement rides (looks too scary for us to actually ride though).


Also lots of birds.

And food- fish and chips (tbh not really a big fan).

I tempted my luck the first time and ate it outside. But the second time around, with Ruth, she insisted we eat inside (and lucky we did, because we bear witness to a fish and chip massacre by some fiendish seagulls).

4. Hove Beach Huts

Okay, I’d just like to say very clearly: it’s technically in Hove, which you can technically walk to from Brighton (but it’s quite a walk).

I also find it interesting how Australia sort of mirrors their mother England- they also have beach houses in their Brighton in Victoria (while we are at it, the train stop is: Middle Brighton and then you’d have to walk a bit through some suburbs).

The beach in Australia has sand, while the beach in Brighton in England are pebbles (also look, I was wearing boots because it’s Spring and too cold to barefoot, much less swim).

5. Choccywoccydoodah

Because I’ve watched them on TV. They have a reality TV show that features their outrageously beautiful cakes (and as I’ve discovered upon visiting the store, also very pricey).

So I didn’t buy anything, but their window displays are so charming to look at.

Oh, I just found out they are permanently closed.


5. Walking around Brighton

Really, sometimes, just walking around, you never know what you may find and that’s part of the charm.


6. Develop: Brighton

I did actually attend a game developer’s conference while I was down there.


Until next time…


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