According to the University of Sydney, there are 10,685 beaches in Australia. Ever since I came here, I kept a list of the beaches I visited. Some beaches, because of its proximity to my house, has a lot of repeat visits.

1. Bondi Beach, Sydney

The most popular beach in Australia, I think. Crowded with hotties in the summer.

2. Manly Beach, Sydney

I hang out at the Starbucks with the awesome view for an afternoon. Has AC and an outlet, it’s the perfect place for digital nomads.

3. Henley Beach, Adelaide

I came here when I first moved to Adelaide and I had a nice meal and a glass of wine as I watched the sunset as I celebrated a new adventure.


4. Glenelg Beach, Adelaide

Glenelg is becoming my go to place whenever my anxiety gets really bad. Looking at this view just calms me. Also it’s only a 30 mins bus ride from my house.


5. Bondi Coogee Walk, Sydney

I made my friends go on the Bondi Coogee Walk with me and we passed by a lot of beaches and admired the cotton candy sky as the sun sets.


5.1 Tamarama Beach, Sydney

5.2 Bronte Beach, Sydney

5.3 Clovelly Beach, Sydney

5.4 Coogee Beach, Sydney


6. Semaphore Beach, Adelaide

I found myself in Semaphore, so I decided to drop by the beach.

7. Marion Coastal Walk, Adelaide

This coastal walk had magnificent views of the sea and I even spotted some fairy penguins. But it’s almost all stairs, so be prepared. I started from Marino and ended up in Hallett Cove Conservation Park and Hallett Cove Beach.

7.1 Hallett Cove Beach


8. Brighton Beach, Adelaide


By the way, I moved to Melbourne and visited the following beaches.

9. St Kilda Beach, Melbourne

St Kilda is pretty unassuming during the day, crowded with backpackers during a hot day. But at night, if you walk to the pier, you can see little fairy penguins swimming back home.

Ruth’s camera and photography skills are way better than mine and she captured this (spot the penguins).


10. Great Ocean Road, Victoria

I’m just lumping a whole lot of beaches and ocean views in one. Because we drove, and I didn’t really pay attention what each of our random stops are called. You see, we see parking, then we stop, it doesn’t matter if it’s on some tour itinerary or not.

It’s so pretty, I put a bunch of song lyrics on the videos.


11. Brighton Beach, Melbourne

The other one, the one with beach houses (no, the other other one, down under not in the UK).

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Taking photo of you taking photo of me

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My House

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The water is so clear.

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12. Port Melbourne Beach, Melbourne

My colleague said, don’t go to St Kilda, go to Port Melbourne.

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Beach on a hot summer day

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To be continued…



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