In between my detours, I found myself staying a night in Taipei before flying back home the next morning. Therefore I needed a hotel, preferably somewhere near the Taoyuan Airport MRT station and somewhere that’s “luxury for not too much cash” (you’ll see this quote later on, I didn’t write it). And I found, citizenM.

When I travel there are a few types of hotels or places I stay at, and they are drastically different. I sleep from cheap hostels to 5-star hotels to Airbnbs.

I’m not sure where to place citizenM on that scale, actually. It’s quirky.

From the anime girl graffiti to the swing at it’s entrance.

I’ve been to a few hotels that lets you check in yourself, and this is one of them (although the friendly and English-speaking staff are there to help). Just enter your information at one of their computers, then follow the onscreen instructions. It even let’s you select your room. I was given a choice between a lower level room with a city view or a higher level room with a river view (of course I go for the latter).

Then you take one of the key cards (which you later get to keep as a luggage tag) and put it where the sign on the table says (I’m normally a techie, but I can’t for the life of me remember what that thingy is called), and it will set up your key card and then print out your receipt with your room number and other useful information, and then you are ready to go.

I mentioned it’s a quirky hotel, so even the elevators have sassy signs like: “citizenM says: step this way to lift your spirits” or “citizenM says: going up?”.

So I swipe my keycard in the elevator and ride all the way to my floor, the 20th. As soon as I stepped out of the elevator, a sign greets: “To the travellers who will sleep on the twentieth floor, citizenM welcomes you all” and it also shows a floor guide, which lists the second floor as the living room and canteen, and some other floors as the iron room (I forgot to check those out).

Heading to my room, I noticed the carpet is a map of Taipei, with the Zhongxiao East Road down the hallway.

citizenM loves saying “citizenM says:”, and this time it’s welcoming me to my home for the night.

First thing you see when I came into my room is well, myself (in a mirror by the sink).

And then I turned around to this view (yup, picking the 20th floor is a good choice). I can even see the river and mountains (for a moment I forgot Taipei had mountains).


The mandatory selfie:

And on the desk is an iPad and some other stuff (each with its own quirky writings, see Instagram post below to see how sassy citizenM can be).

The iPad basically controls the entire room (it’s a smart room, they say), from the curtains and blinds to the lights (yes, you can change the color) to the TV (which obviously welcomes me).

Also the pen asks me to steal it (so I did) and write home to a love one (aww).

Giving vlogging a shot:


Okay, the room is great and as much as I’d love to just stay in and fall asleep on that good bed (it is actually a very comfortable bed), I need to explore the living room and this canteen.

And I was not disappointed. It has all a lot of weird decorations, art and furniture, which are perfect for selfies (also the mirror in the public toilet says: “hello gorgeous”, why thank you).

The canteen also has a noodle section, where you can customize your own bowl of noodles by adding your own choice of toppings.

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We need $$, so if you’d like to stay at citizenM yourself, click our affiliate link below:

Stay at citizenM too!

The best part though about staying at citizenM, is it’s like literally across the street from the Taoyuan Airport MRT station (according to the friendly staff, I walk through the North Gate and then cross the street and that’s it). The North Gate is actually a historic gate that’s been in Taipei for a very long time (I’ve never actually paid much attention to it before, less so walk through it).

If you are a photographer have time for some shopping, there is an entire street dedicated to cameras on the street this side.

Okay without further ado, the next (very early) morning, I walked through North Gate and crossed the street and went to the Taoyuan Airport MRT station.

You can actually check in and drop of your luggage right at the MRT station (like Hong Kong). Also there are two types of MRTs, take the Express and it comes with luggage racks and it will take you to Taoyuan Airport in an hour-ish.

And that’s it, I had enough detours, I’m finally going home.

Until next time, Taipei.


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