I went back to the US after 6 months for supposedly a west coast trip with friends, but on a whim, I decided to book a flight to New York City for a week at the end of our California adventures. Yes my only goal was to watch one show per day.

At the last week of September, I arrived in the big apple on a Tuesday early morning after a 6 hour delay from LA. I slept almost the whole day, and come late afternoon, hop on the bus and train to the theater district.

First show that I watched was Head Over Heels, Thanks Broadway Roulette for this, I chose the time and date, they chose the show. I purposely didn’t listen to the soundtrack so I would have no expectations. This show is actually set to close on January 6, 2019. This show is about love, respect and acceptance. We got the beat!

My second show was Pretty Woman based on the very famous movie. First time seeing the great Orfeh and her equally charming and talented husband Andy Karl. This is Samanatha Barks broadway debut and she is awesome! Music and lyrics are by the great Bryan Adams, this is surely a Tony nominee this June.

My third show was I have to say my favorite musical now is Mean Girls, again based on the famous movie of Tina Fey. All the actors are so great!  From the ensemble dancing and singing for almost the whole time, to the leads. Everybody was freaking talented! I love this show not only for the gifts of the cast but the message it brings especially to the younger generation. If you only have time to watch a single show, watch this! p.s. Erika Henningsen is a star and was so kind at the broadway flea!

My next show was Beautiful, unexpectedly transported back to 1960-1970s to see the life of the Carole King. While watching the start of the career of this legend, starting from songwriter then becoming a full time artist, you have to admire her for braving and surviving all the heartaches that she experienced. I never knew she wrote those famous songs that we hear  on the radio. She is like the 101 hits wonder! I felt the earth moved!

My fifth show was with my aunt, she treated me on Anastasia. Based on the animated movie of our childhood. This show brought us to the execution of the Romanovs in a nice way. The costumes and set pieces were awesome and Christy Altamore is so kind and so talented. At the stage door after the show, she went on each and everyone for autographs and photos. And she was so kind and even hugged me like 3 times and she even took our selfies. Wow for a star, you are truly one of a kind!

For the next Tony nominated film adapted musical, music and lyrics by the Sara Barailles, Waitress. This show is so heart wrenching and heart warming at the same time. Bring some tissues. This is a show that was baked for our hearts and soul. Sara Barailles will return for her 3rd run as Jenna, now with Gavin Creel! I wanna go back to NY!!!!

The last but not the least was School of Rock, again a film adaptation but music and lyrics by the great Andrew Lloyd Webber. I was so impressed by the talented kids on the cast. The play all the instrument live and they are truly Rock Stars!

These are some of the shows that I watched and hoping to catch more on my next visit. I truly enjoyed my time immersing in each and every story. I congratulate all the cast and crews who do this for a living (8 times a week). Thank you for your talent.


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