It was my first time at the Royal Adelaide Show and I had no idea what to expect. There was a lot, a lot- there was carnival rides, there was shops and show bags, there was booths, there was animals, a whole lot of animals.

I had a casual job working at one of the booths at the show, and for the first couple of hours, the only thing I saw was our booth and the toilets.

But after my shift, I got to walk around. It was also my birthday, by the way, so I decided to spend the rest of it at the show (I also spent a few more days at the show before and after my shifts ended, because the show is so big and there’s so much happening at the same time)

The outdoor area was a carnival, with a lot of rides and games, where you can win giant stuffed toys.

There was also carnival food, like cotton candy (or fairy floss as they call them), some are even shaped like flowers or animals, corn dogs, caramel apples and icecream. I had a corn dog, I tried the ribs and I also ate 5 cinnamon donuts.

There were also wine tasting and like a bazaar that sells all kinds of local produce and food, such as cheese and milk.

I never gotten a map, so I just sort of wandered around, and I found myself in the animals section. There were all kinds of farm animals. And I spend way to much time taking photos and ogling at the adorable alpacas. There was sheep shearing and cow milking demonstrations. I watched a dog show, and pig racing and diving.


There was also a woodcutting competition (watch my Instagram Story, link below), and motorcycle tricks (again, watch my Instagram story, link is still below).


For some reason there was also Smurfs.

There was also dance performances in the indoor pavilion (I’m totally plugging, watch my Instagram story, link is still below).

There was also a showcase of winners for various competitions, like cake decorating, weaving, flowers, the animals. It’s all pretty random, but interesting.

And there was an entire pavilion just for show bags, which I spent way too much time in. It’s hard to pick which show bag to get. I ended up getting the Cosmopolitan x Mink Pink one, because I liked the bag itself and it has some makeup in it and a cute coffee cup.

And to end each night, there was fireworks, to the tune of 90s pop songs even (watch my IG story, seriously).


Watch Instagram Story


All in all, a wonderful show. Until next year!

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