Because I am back in Melbourne, I spent my first few days having a brunch a day (which makes my tummy and my Instagram so happy, but my wallet so sad).

In case you missed Part 1:

Having Brunch in Melbourne

So here they are… Part 2, also more on my IG Stories:

1. Mork Chocolate Brewhouse

Yes, I’ve posted about Mork before in Part 1, but Mork deserves all the love.

#foundongoogle Campfire Chocolate is the best (was also great during the Winter Night Market).

2. Code Black Coffee

My first brunch on this time around and it reminded me of all the things I loved about Melbourne (proper bean water). Although they didn’t let me order from the kids menu.

3. Ima Project Cafe

They were just named as the Best Coffee Shop in Melbourne and they totally deserve it and more. They serve Japanese brunch and drinks like Hojicha Latte. The crispy kale is the best.

To be continued…

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